Necessary Endings

I am reading Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud. It has taken me three and a half years to pick up this book and get beyond page 20. Necessary Endings is a wonderful book that can apply to your business or professional life. In it Dr. Cloud talks about the seasons of life and our personal worldviews about endings.

If I had to pick a season for my life I would say I’m at the cusp of spring. Not like the cusp of spring that we’re experiencing now, I can actually see the first signs of spring. I see my faith manifesting, like the faith that I have that spring will come after winter. I see the good days lasting a little longer, like the longer days of spring that pulls back the covers of winter’s darkness. I see the fruits of my labor pushing ahead one milestone at a time, like the daffodils and tulips pushing through Making Room for Necessary Endingsthe soil. I am experiencing new growth spurts that validate me, like the buds on the trees that signify the strength and longevity of the oak.

As I move forward, I own 2015. This is my year. Some necessary endings have taken place and I am certain more will come. Because I’m okay with that, [tweetthis]I look forward to the opportunity to prune things from my life that no longer serve a purpose. Is there anything you can prune this year?[/tweetthis]

Necessary Endings Bring Clarity

I’m clear about my message that I need to share this season. In that clarity I understand that my message will not resonant with everyone. Some of you may need to prune my blog and unsubscribe. At one time I would have taken it personally. After reading Necessary Endings, and getting real with myself, I recognize that some things must come to an end. If this blog isn’t for you then do yourself a favor, unsubscribe.

So, what is my message? I aim to lead a ministry of service that uses non-traditional settings to reach women, love them, and sow seeds into their lives empowering and equipping them to fulfill their purpose. I intend on doing this in myriad ways. Right now it’s through my online birthing classes that support and encourage women during the fabulous journey called pregnancy and birth. My next projects reach out further into a woman’s life span.

Necessary endings are part of the seasons of life. I’ve embraced my necessary endings and I am all the better for it. What necessary endings should you embrace?

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