This week has been a week of truth for me. I have spoken the truth and I have had it spoken to me. I have spoken it boldly and dismissed any fear of repercussions. I have spoken it honestly. I have spoken it in anger (I don’t recommend this). I have spoken it in love. I have received it and felt sadness. I have heard it and experienced joy. When we speak our truth we open ourselves up to receiving it back in kind. Ideally, speaking our truth makes us better human beings, particularly when we speak our truth in love. What do you hold sacred? What do you believe? What would you live or die for? What is your truth?

The truth is…that to speak your truth you must first know what is true for you. For me my truth is rooted in my faith in Christ. It guides and directs my path, my decisions as a woman, mother, and business owner. My truth makes it easier for me because my values and my foundation are clear. My truth is based on the freedom I have in Christ and this sets me free in way that nothing else has or ever will.

I encourage you to explore your truth.

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