Have you ever been in a situation where your choices were, doing the right thing versus doing what was fun?  In this situation doing the right thing refers to keeping a work-related commitment scheduled more than six months in advance. The fun thing is something spontaneous, refreshingly different, and it builds community.

Fly around the world

The quote above from Sir Richard Branson, the business mogul behind the Virgin Group, serves to remind you that sometimes you have to take a risk and fly around the world in order to know what works. There is nothing irresponsible about taking chances if it means that you will soar. While keeping your word is admirable, and something that is highly recommended, you can’t be afraid to change your mind. This doesn’t give you permission to be self-centered and irresponsible. It does, however, give you permission to seize the day – Carpe Diem.

Creating a great story

Which situation will you remember 5 years from now? The business commitment or the spontaneous adventure? Which one will make the best life story that you enjoy telling over and over again? Are you giving yourself more credit that you deserve when in reality your absence won’t cause the ripple effect that you anticipate?

If that fun thing brings you joy, just do it. Go up in your balloon and fly around the world.

Question? What fun opportunity are you currently sitting on?

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