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Finish your food. Finish what you start. Finish your homework. Finish is a word that growing up as a child left a mark on my mind. It told me that I couldn’t enjoy my dessert of ice cream and cake until I ate my broccoli. It told me that education was important and I needed to see things through to the end. It told me that completion was a key part of the way I lived my life.

Now as an adult I have learned that finish, defined as to stop doing something because it is completed, can be something more. I can finish loving you or I can finish being afraid of loving you. I can choose to use the word finish to show my growth and maturity as a woman.

I am finished with being fearful. I am finished with being a second class citizen in the world of machismo. I am finished not allowing myself to be loved completely, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I will finish the task set before me to live a life filled with beauty, grace, love, peace, and happiness. I will finish this piece just for you so that you too can experience that sense of completion that you have completed a job well done. #FMF


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