In my previous blog post “5 Ways I Learned to Trust” I shared how I embraced these 5 ways of being into my prayer life and lifestyle.

  1. Specific
  2. Action
  3. Surrendered
  4. Released
  5. Trust

Great, but what does that actually look like? Let’s break them down into a little more detail giving you examples that you can apply.

Breaking it Down

My prayers became specific. When I say my prayers became specific it means that I stopped the wishy-washy open-ended style of prayer that  was used to. Instead, I began to look at my life, relationships, and the things that I needed to accomplish and pray into them. Where did I need God to show up? (Matthew 21:22 If you believe you will receive what you ask for in prayer.)

This strategy was not an idea that was original to me. I learned about it during my monthly call with iBloom Inner Circle. Kelly Gore discussed why our prayers as women in business needed to be specific and concrete, then she showed us how to do that. Although God is God, we need to be able to communicate everything to him and ASK for what we need. (Matthew 7:7 – 12  Continue to ask, and God will give to you. Continue to search, and you will find. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you. Yes, whoever continues to ask will receive. Whoever continues to look will find. And whoever continues to knock will have the door opened for them.)

Here’s how this new strategy has manifested in my life. After the call, we were given a 30-day challenge to pray strategically. We received activity sheets to help us with a simple format. I followed this routine for a few weeks and I immediately noticed how it also helped me to receive clarity about my work and goals. The format also helped me to see where and how I devoted my prayers. I began praying for my mentors as well my daily agenda.

Making it my Own

By week number 4 I began to make my strategic prayers more my own. I realized that by taking the time on Sunday night to begin setting my prayer agenda it gave me more time to simply think and meditate on my calendar. My prayers also went from random and vague to explicit and clear. As I prayed I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish which helps me to direct my business and my personal life. When your prayer life is strategic it leaves no stone unturned.

How can you begin to have a strategic prayer life? Here are the 4 primary components of what was shared. Some of them may be familiar to you.

Praise – begin with giving God thanks. Don’t go in with an agenda. I have found Psalm 96 great for capturing a time of praise.

Forgiveness – if you’ve had a difficult week, made some mistakes, or been hurt by anyone this is the time to forgive yourself and the person that has slight you. It’s also the time to seek forgiveness if you feel led.

Gratitude – take the time to enjoy the stepping stones. Give thanks for the good in your life great and small.

Prayer – now is when you turn on the strategic prayer.

Using this outline by the time you get to step 4, prayer, you will find that you are in a different head space. Your prayers come more readily and you have clarity. The perfect way to begin you work-day and work-week.

Take Action

Now it’s time to take action. Grab yourself a notebook or a journal. For the next 30 days commit to engaging in specific prayer. It’s really that simple. If you need help getting started click here to contact me for some one-on-one prayer or support.


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