Earlier this year I was selected to be a WomanSpeak Circle Leader. My circle reaches women who live and work in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

WomanSpeak Mission

WomanSpeak is where women learn the art and soul of public speaking. They consist of local, ongoing, bi-monthly, public speaking gatherings hosted that offer a safe space for speaking practice.


You learn techniques to transform fear or self-doubt about public speaking into ease and authentic confidence. You will also learn how to speak on panels, tell spellbinding stories, and how to speak confidently in front of anyone (i.e., colleagues, local PTA, product pitches, advocacy, etc). These are just a few of the many skills you will learn at WomanSpeak. As an accomplished professional public speaker, I know that this is a great opportunity to build community in a safe, supportive space where every single woman’s voice is celebrated.

Give Back with GirlSpeak

The best part is, when a woman invests in the WomanSpeak program, a portion of her initiation fee will go towards funding a young girl to go through GirlSpeak for free! Imagine, our girls learning to unleash their voices at a young age and step into their leadership power.

Next Steps
Register for the June 3rd introductory session, click here.

I’d love for you to be in my circle if this calls to you or could you pass this information to a friend that would benefit from and love this opportunity? Thank you so much for supporting me in supporting women’s voices. Let me know if you have any questions. Click to contact me.

Question: What’s stopping you from joining WomanSpeak? How can I support you in making a decision?


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