Why Just Us Women Productions?

We advise social and public health enterprises helping them to address identified needs by drawing on research, contemporary and traditional business models, best practices, and data along with participation and knowledge from clients, stakeholders, and partners. We build partnerships that help you reach your target audience, achieve your goals, and thrive.

Our Client List

Operational Consulting

  • focuses on implementing strategic plans that move your social/public health enterprise towards achieving short and long term goals; and
  • implementing administrative functions that improve day-to-day operations.

Strategic Planning

  • focuses on working with your social/public health enterprise to set priorities, focus energy and resources, respond to challenges, manage change, address funding and sustainability, and plan for a successful future.

Curriculum Design and Development

  • focuses on advising and assisting you with creating a planned sequence of learning experiences that may incorporate a client centered approach, adult learning theories, or interactive exercises, and promotes understanding of the subject matter leading to desired outcomes.

Maternal & Child Health Consulting

  • focuses on the management and administration of existing maternal, infant, and child health initiatives;
  • advising and assisting you with using integrative approaches for developing new programs that improve maternal, infant, and child health; and
  • improving maternal, infant, and child health while working towards increasing birth equity and reducing disparities.

Women's Health Education Consulting

  • focuses on the management and administration of women’s health and well-being initiatives.

Speaking Engagements

  • keynotes, presentations, workshops, conferences, and moderator services.
  • signature talks and customized content. Learn More.

Workshops & Training

  • design and lead organizational workshops/training that include addressing: women’s well-being, healthy lifestyles, applying the life course theory to improve health outcomes, improving maternal health, and becoming a better public speaker. Learn More.

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