Do you have a love hate relationship with exercise? Be honest with yourself many people do. You know that exercise is important and you want to be healthy, but something is holding you back. What does healthy look like for you, a healthy weight, stress free life, energy, disease free, sexy body? What is keeping you from achieving your vision of healthy?Move woman

It is possible that you simply have not found the workout that works for you? As a group fitness instructor, one of the things that I realize is that like everything else in our lives exercise or physical activity is compartmentalized. We put it on a shelf and it’s something that we have to reach for everyday instead of integrating it into our lives. Let me explain. Imagine if you joined exercise with whatever you do daily? This isn’t new information, but it is information that is worth repeating.

Here are three common examples: parking your car further from the entrance at work, getting on or off the bus or the train one stop further from home, or taking the stairs at work or home instead of the elevator. These three examples include adding walking to your regular routine.I have added another way for you to integrate exercise into your day and that is including worship with your workout. There is a very good case for combining worship and working out. Studies show that [tweetthis]prayer and exercise improve overall well-being and increase life expectancy.[/tweetthis]

What does including worship with your workout look like? That’s really up to you, but here’s one example. If you set aside time for devotion, prayer, or quiet time during the day add movement to the mix. Make it as subtle and relaxed as you like taking on the form of stretching your body, more active with you dancing, or a complete workout that includes  cardio (dancing), stretching and resistance (squats, bicep curls, etc…). The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is get started.

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