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Communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship. One place where this is clear is the relationship between you and your prenatal care provider. This important relationship, however, has the potential to create power dynamics that can hinder open communication. During pregnancy, women who seem to have it together may lose their self-confidence when in a situation where they disagree with their provider.

Listening to Mothers

In Listening to Mothers III Pregnancy and Birth Report of the Third National U.S. Survey on Women’s Childbearing Experiences women reported that sometimes they didn’t ask questions because they believed the health care provider would have a different opinion (22%) or might think they were being difficult (23%). (Childbirth Connections It’s unfortunate when a woman doesn’t feel the unconditional support and acceptance she needs to build a mutually satisfying relationship with her healthcare provider. I remember the Sym’s commercial slogan, an educated consumer is our best customer. I believe this statement would apply to prenatal care. The best mother-to-be is an informed mother-to-be.

Quality Prenatal Care

Asking questions shows that you are taking responsibility for your health not questioning your provider’s expertise. When the conversation shifts from being about the mother and her baby we have a problem. [tweetthis]As a birth worker I teach my clients THEY have the right to understand any intervention, test, and treatment offered to them.[/tweetthis] This includes the alternatives. Knowing your alternatives allows you to make an informed decision and informed decision-making is at the center of quality prenatal care. How do we get to this to this place? We go back to the beginning and build a relationship founded on communication. In my free special report 5 Questions To Ask Before You Give Birth I give you the tools to have open and honest communication with your prenatal care provider. Download your copy today and take it to your next prenatal appointment.

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