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This week I started reading Resilience by Alonzo Mourning. This is his autobiography. It starts with him receiving the diagnosis that he has a kidney disease. This news takes him on the journey of a lifetime and tests everything he has every believed about himself and his faith.

This is the second autobiography by an athlete that I am reading within the last six months. The first was Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy. I enjoy sports, however, I tend to shy away from stories by and about athletes simply because I prefer a good John Grisham book. What I’m learning is that I need to change my mindset.

Crossing the Finish Line

Both of these men have incredibly rich stories to share that do more that entertain or captivate you for a few hours. They tell stories about leadership, setting priorities, resilience, courage, and powerful faith. They teach us that in order to become a successful and well- rounded athlete you need to put in the work and stay committed to crossing the finish line. Great advice for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There are many people who play sports and practice long and hard. Then there are those people who play sports, practice long and hard, and are leaders on and off the court or field. They teach us how to stay the course in the face of adversity. In both of these books, Mourning and Dungy take the readers outside of the sports they play or coach and into their lives. We understand what they have to offer beyond the lights and the cheering fans and we’re grateful for their transparency. They taught me that by changing my mindset and expanding my literary collection I allow myself to grow.

Question: What mindset change can you make that will help you to grow?


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