Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Beyond your wildest dreams. That's where life will take you if you let it. It beckons to you like a hot fudge sundae teasing and tantalizing your senses. It calls you by name, the sweetest sound to a person's ears. One minute you're walking down a well-defined road...

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My 7 Day Food Matters Cleanse Journey

April 3rd - April 7th I joined people around the world on a 7 Day Food Matters Cleanse. This journey is led by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch producers of the 2008 film of the same name, Food Matters, and creators of FMTV. This all liquid diet consists of...

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New Season, New You

new season a new you. Why not? The Spring Equinox 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 6:28 AM on Monday, March 20th. There's no better time than the present for you to create your destiny and live with vitality. Use this infographic I...

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Book Review Every Little Step: My Story

This book review is about human nature. Human nature fascinates me. I get my fix from reading. I've been an avid reader all of my life. As a child, I would take a bag with me to the library so that I could carry all of my books home comfortably. When I exhausted the...

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Do the Right Thing or Choose the Fun Thing?

Have you ever been in a situation where your choices were, doing the right thing versus doing what was fun?  In this situation doing the right thing refers to keeping a work-related commitment scheduled more than six months in advance. The fun thing is something...

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Hidden Figures: How to Keep from Becoming One

Last month, my daughter and I saw the movie Hidden Figures. I‘m not sure it’s still in the movie theater, however, I highly recommend you rent or stream it for a mother-daughter or girls-night-in. The Women’s March took place right on the heels of the movie’s release...

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Tamara’s State of the Union 2017

I was inspired to write my State of the Union address after reading Paul Jarvis'. Paul Jarvis' website describes him as, "The hardest-working creative you'll meet, Paul Jarvis is a designer, author, teacher, software creator, and podcaster." The purpose of this State...

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Man in the Mirror

I don’t believe that social media is a safe place to have serious conversations about topics like politics or religion. The best place for those is face-to-face. You can tell a great deal about a person’s heart when you look into their eyes and observe their body...

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Women’s March 2017

It's the day after the historic 2017 Women's March. What began as a march on Washington, DC turned into an international event. All across the nation, the US territories and internationally, women and their supporters marched to show unity for women's rights. Here's a...

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