Are you in or are you out for 2017? Do you believe that 2017 is your year to shine? What have you been putting off that you need to start or finish this year?

There is no time like the present to move forward on your hopes and dreams and claim the victory. We’re not talking about a new year’s resolution because we know how that story ends. Yes, it sounds cliche to use January 1st to think big, but so what. It’s also a great motivator because we get to start with a clean slate. If you’re not pleased with how your year turned out, then think of it as failing forward. As long as you learned from your experiences you’re ahead of the game.

I’ve made a few commitments to myself for the long haul and starting today I’m living in them on purpose. My first priority is to write every week and share what I learn with you. Not because I know everything, goodness knows I don’t, however, I have learned a thing or two of value and I am more that grateful for the chance to share them with you. My second priority it to finish my Family Herbalist Course by March 31st. I was so enthusiast about it when I started I lost momentum while the company updated the program.

So, where to begin? As a great friend and mentor always says, start at the beginning. Let’s close out 2016 in gratitude. Gratitude is the perfect place to make a fresh start. Start by reflecting on the things that made you grateful in 2016. List them all or make a top 10 list, just don’t hold back. Then lace up your favorite kicks and run the race of your life.

The top 3 things I am grateful for in 2016.
#3. I purposefully lived out my priorities this year.
#2. I said yes to my growth and did new and uncomfortable things that stretched me.
#1. I trusted God more deeply and closed my eyes.

Question: What do you need to finish or start in 2017? Share your comments.

Well-being Advocate | Master Communicator & Speaker | Birth Professional | Consultant | Mother | Daughter | Sister | Friend – I love my vision to make a global impact as a Well-being Advocate. I am fully committed to letting my light shine. I’m a bit quirky and I love music, dancing, reading, learning, adventures, and prayer time. I help you dig deeper and live into your priorities and core values. I am a midwife to god-dreamers.

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