Apples Apples Everywhere

This past weekend the family went apple picking. We piled the stroller, baby, his go back and ourselves into the car and drove to Demarest Farms in New Jersey. We arrived in about 40 minutes and were among dozens of families out for the day. We parked and began the...

Make Today a Time to Rejoice

Rejoice, to show great joy or delight. The business of wellness requires fitness experts to find new and creative ways to engage participants. In this weeks video post I share with you one of the movements I use in my classes as part of transitioning the body from an...

What luxury did you give up today?

What did you give up today thinking it was a luxury? Exercise Prayer or quiet time Healthy meal Your lunch hour at work Finding the time to exercise and work on your spirituality is daunting. Who has 15, 20, or 30 minutes to spare when there are meals to prepare,...

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