Sunshine and Mini-Breaks Does the Body Good

The sun is beautiful as it shimmers on the pond across the street. I can feel the warmth of it on my face. White fluffy clouds float in the sky. I enjoy different forms of exercise, especially ones that get me out of the house. I love that my work allows me to choose...

That Love Hate Relationship with Exercise

Do you have a love hate relationship with exercise? Be honest with yourself many people do. You know that exercise is important and you want to be healthy, but something is holding you back. What does healthy look like for you, a healthy weight, stress free life,...

Good Questions vs. Better Questions

Never make assumptions. One unfortunate assumption my clients sometimes make, when they receive prenatal care from a group practice, is that the provider they have the best relationship with will be at their birth. They fail to take into account that providers work on...

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