Your Mind is a Very Powerful Tool

Your Mind is a Very Powerful Tool Your mind is a very powerful tool that can uplift or tear down. It can build a nation or destroy a people. “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch you words, they become actions. Watch you actions, they become your...

How to Rock Friends with Benefits Relationships

THE VALUE OF FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS RELATIONSHIPS Having friends with benefits relationships has become very common. There was a time when this type of relationship wasn’t discussed in the open. Now even Olivia Pope announces her booty calls on late night television....

Making Room for Necessary Endings

Necessary Endings I am reading Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud. It has taken me three and a half years to pick up this book and get beyond page 20. Necessary Endings is a wonderful book that can apply to your business or professional life. In it Dr. Cloud talks...

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