Do You Suffer from Stimulation Distraction?

Recently I was talking to a friend and colleague about our pursuits as entrepreneurs. She was venting about moving from one business attempt to another. She loses focus and can’t nail down what she needs to carry out to see her business through to fruition. In theory,...

Release – FMF

Release me from your hold, you stubborn one toothed bandit. You can’t grab hold of me without a fight and just expect to have your way. Didn’t I get rid of you a while ago? Didn’t I toss you to the wind, like trash sailing towards the garbage truck? I have something...

So What Exactly is Breast Massage?

I came across a newsletter I wrote for Just Us Women Productions titled, “Summer News”  dated July 2008. The first thing I said was wow. I hadn’t realized I’d been writing for social media for so long. I also noticed I had a little less gray hair. Heck I didn’t see...

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